Why do we need the “digital” in the marketing?

Do you remember that commercial of the two people walking down the street, one eating a chocolate bar, and one a carton of peanut butter? (A little weird, yes, I know). Haven’t seen it? Check it out.

Bottom line – two delicious things coming together make something extra-delicious. Time-less almost. Well, that’s kind of how we feel about digital marketing. Newspapers are great for kindling, and yes, even fun to still read, but unless you’re over 50, you probably don’t regularly sit on the couch after work and catch up on your reading…unless of course, you love the crossword puzzles. Let’s be honest. Newspapers do not reach the vast audience they used to.

Older man with a yellow shirt sitting on couch reading a newspaper.
Newspapers do not reach the vast audience they used to.

Well, there are always billboards, right? Sure – when’s the last time you bought something off of a billboard? Poster? Pamphlet? You get the picture. It’s not that any of these are “bad” in any way – and yes, each one still serves its undeniable purpose. BUT, what if there was something that had the capacity to reach many more people through marketing that was directed at a specific audience, in places they already are. What could that do for your business?

Finding an effective digital marketing strategy could mean hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars in income, longevity of your business, and a clientele that can really relate to your product or service. Still need more convincing? Let’s listen to Will.

Before you go crazy – think first of what your goals are, what your budget is, and what your time frame is. Make SMART goals before you begin your campaign.

  • Specific: Number of conversions? A number of leads? Audience Base increase? What is it that YOU need and in what order?
  • Measurable: How exactly are you going to measure your success or lack of? Dollars? Conversions?
  • Attainable: Let’s not go crazy by shooting for the universe before you reach your neighborhood! Keep your goals achievable.
  • Relevant: Who cares if you reach 10,000 new people if no one buys anything? Make sure your goals are helping your bottom line of what your business is all about
  • Timely: What time frame are you going to measure? Don’t make the mistake of keeping it open-ended without a specific end date.

Get Help With Your Marketing

There are many, many ways to make soup (I was going to say, “skin a cat”, but I actually like cats…), and there are countless ways to go about achieving your goals of your business. Finding a marketing team to help you analyze, sift through the options and help you launch your dreams!! It’s never too late to achieve your dreams, sometimes it just takes a little help.